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Re: How Far Should TOS-R Have Gone?

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I was watching TOS-R "Where No Man Has Gone Before" yesterday and the stupid motions the ships makes going into the barrier just makes no sense at all. Would they not be on a straight course right into the thing? It is as if they tried to make the new effects "more exciting" by adding useless motions to the ships.
A real spacecraft couldn't do these extra motions and a straight course is still the "real thing". Of course the VFX of TOS were limited to straight courses but coincidentally that was the real thing before "Star Wars" came along (and even its big ships didn't zigzag around like airplanes).

Paul Verhoeven understood this as director for "Starship Troopers". He insisted the Rodger Young to be sluggish in helm response because he felt you could only convey a sense of size if a ship reacted in a way we would expect a "big" ship to.

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