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Re: the Star Wars Expanded universe

It's, of course, anybody's guess about what they will do at this point but I really hope that, like with the Clone Wars, some elements of the EU find their way in. If nothing else, I'd like to see Mara and the Solo/Skywalker children (i.e. Jaina, Jacen, Ben). Including Lumiya as a Sith antagonist would be icing on the cake IMHO. From what I've read so far, it sounds like they're hinting at a daughter and granddaughter for the Solos, so that might be Jaina and Allana, which suggests that we're looking at a post-LOTF storyline (if they preserve continuity). I would personally like a LOTF-era storyline because it would sync well with the actors' current IRL ages and having a second Galactic Civil War would provide a good backdrop for the movies though the war may take more than three movies to resolve. OTOH given that some of the LOTF had a lot of Boba Fett "filler" in them, perhaps they could've wrapped up the books faster without the bloat?
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