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Re: Kirk's Television Enterprise Deck Plans WIP

Engineering Deck 08 (Version 3.01 / 130315)

I think some of the oddities in the revised draft for E-Deck 9 become more apprehensable when matched with their counterparts on E-Deck 8, so it wanted to present both at the same time, besides there’s not really that much new to the revised version of E-Deck 8.

The port side corridor from “And the Children Shall Lead” (and the space just in front of the auxiliary control room as seen in “The Way to Eden”) is now arranged a little differently than in the previous draft. I felt it to be important to have the tri-ladder at the other end of the corridor align in such a way that it wouldn’t protrude into the corridor one deck below.

The door labels in this episode’s scene were readable, however, it’s interesting to note that the “Recreation Room 6” one is actually at the door of the standard bedroom (the standard rec room is shown in the draft behind that door but will, of course, eventually have smaller dimensions as it is running out of headspace fast that high up in the engineering hull).

The starboard side corridor now mirrors the curvature of the port side one. Whether the overall shape of both corridors improves the structural integrity of the neck dorsal and/or allows for space to run tubes and conduits between the saucer and the engineering hull is open for speculation.
However, it’s providing the necessary space for the turbo shaft from “Tomorrow Is Yesterday” (that started on E-Deck 14) to now “reach” and match the central (diagonal) turbo shaft that connects the saucer with the engineering hull (so that the captains Christopher and Kirk are able to enjoy a nonstop vertical / diagonal turbo lift ride straight to the bridge).

While it’s not exactly definite which corridor Kirk, Spock and McCoy (and where?) passed through in “The Changeling” (after they oddly left the Nomad probe unsupervised behind in the auxiliary control room), I placed this one on the starboard side to be on the safe side.

As for the reasons why the auxiliary control room should / could be on (Engineering) Deck 8 (I agree with Doug Drexler), I refer to the text comment in the previous draft. I also believe the actual dialogue in “The Doomsday-Machine” rather suggests a location in the engineering hull: “Washburn, get down to Engineering. Assist Mister Scott.”

If the auxiliary control room were on Main Deck 8, Kirk’s order would be somewhat strange as Washburn would first have to get up to Deck 7 (impulse deck) in order to get down to either one of the two engine rooms in the engineering hull.
A simple “Washburn, get to Engineering” or “Washburn, assist Mr. Scott in Engineering” would have been less confusing, so I take this “down to” as a deliberate hint where to correctly put auxiliary control.

And Scotty apparently worked in two different engine rooms, because in one of these he took out the trident tool from the wall cabinet and left the engine room, obviously to continue his work with the tool in another one.

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