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Re: Did everyone love the three Enterprises scene in TATV?

Every time I see the episode it makes me sad because you know that this is it, there will be no more.

They should hvae ended on the Archer/T`Pol embrace or even have let Archer relay the speech, what a legacy that could have been.

As for the whole Holosuite/Riker/Troi/Chef ???? thing, it was an insult to the cast and crew of Enterprise to see the way they were used in what was known to be the finale, a franchise finale.

I sincerely hope that somewhere, sometime in the near future, that writers and Star Trek visionaries can get together and give us more of this crew and timeline.
They deserved better after two magnificent series, Three and Four.
The scene with the three ships at the end was clever and sad, and also a complete kick in the arse to devoted fans of the Enterprise franchise.
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