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Re: Kirk's Television Enterprise Deck Plans WIP

Engineering Deck 09 (Version 3.01 / 130315)

Here is the revised draft for the warp drive section, although the alterations are less drastic compared with the other revised drafts.

The circular corridor leading to the auxiliary control room in “And the Children Shall Lead” (on E-Deck 8, coming up shortly) has been a helpful orientation how to place the circular corridor from “The Alternative Factor” in which Lazarus first showed up on this deck in the bow section.
Technically the camera edit in this episode suggests two corridors that are connected in an H-shaped manner. Since the curvature of these corridors would be totally incompatible with the curvature of the deck above, I’ve instead gone for the arrangement you see here.

In the transporter room thread we discussed requirements of the turbo lift system like “standby” and “overflow” holding positions for turbo lift cars (some pretty cool visualizations by Just a Bill I should add).
Here, we do see such an example: The turbo lift location at 7 o’clock is the one Kirk, Spock and McCoy exited to see what Dr. Daystrom was doing in the engine room in “The Ultimate Computer”.
However, there was also the turbo lift location at 9 o’clock which Larry Marvick exited in “Is There In Truth No Beauty” and knocked down poor Hadley (who apparently was just en route to the same turbo lift).

Ideally the Marvick/Hadley turbo lift location should be empty to enable passage of other turbo lift cars to travel down to E-Deck 10 and 11 and further to the other locations on the port side (but apparently it was night time aboard the Enterprise with little or no traffic).
In this revised draft the position doesn’t match exactly but as the spacing between the turbo lift locations at 7 and 8 o’clock suggests, this area could or should be “tightened” and would realize alignment as a welcome side effect.

Because of the turbo lift at the end of the “And the Children Shall Lead” corridor one deck above, we now also have a turbo lift in the inner circle on E-Deck 9. Bad news: It looks a little strange. Good news: The corridor leading ahead to the stairway and down to E-Deck 10 (to beam Nomad off the ship) no longer cannibalizes the dilithium crystal regeneration room seen in “The Alternative Factor”, for a better visualization of that area I refer to the thread of blssdwlf.

Where there used to be a turbo lift at 2 o’clock I put a “?”. The only time we saw that turbo lift in use was in “Jouney to Babel” but this engine room is now at the bow on E-Deck 12.
While we do need to have a turbo lift at this position on E-Deck 11 (“By Any Other Name”), this is not the case for E-Deck 10 (“The Ultimate Computer”). “The Day of the Dove” suggests there is a turbo lift there, but given the difficulties to establish the location of this engine room, it doesn’t necessarily have to be this one.

On the warp engine room’s starboard side there are now two tri-ladders. Assuming this engine room to be the twin of the one aboard the Constellation seen in “The Doomsday-Machine”, the movement of Scotty and repair crew definitely suggests the first ladder to be there.
However, the movement of Kirk (or his double) in “By Any Other Name” to distract the Kelvan, suggests he came from a control corridor adjacent to the cathedral’s “battery”, so that’s the other tri-ladder that leads all the way down to E-Deck 11.

Because of the energizer corridors below, the ladder to the emergency manual monitor leads straight from E-Deck 11 all the way up to E-Deck 9. While theoretically a person inside the access corridor could go through the yellow door into the circular main corridor (as Norman did in “I, Mudd”), no other personnel can go into this section from the circular main corridor (I’d consider this as a safety feature to handle hostile takeovers and would like to believe that the “secret” access to the emergency manual monitor on E-Deck 11 doesn’t even show up on the “real” deck plans).

I did include another ladder as I presume that the engineering hull’s “life support” (Chekov aboard the Defiant in “The Tholian Web”) / artificial gravity section to be in the vicinity of the emergency manual monitor.
The original Enterprise concepts did envision an engineering hull-saucer separation for situations other than ultimate emergencies. Accordingly, the engineering hull, too, would require a life support control of its own…

And last but not least we have the riddle of the disappearing and re-appearing energizers (or fusion reactors or transformers as you like) on the engine room sides opposite to the 1st level’s “balcony” and below the “monitor” stations. I already addressed and illustrated the issue earlier in post # 27

Originally I thought these energizers could be lifted down to / up from E-Deck 10 for repair and/or maintenance, but the energizer corridors from “In A Mirror, Darkly” made short work of this idea.

Alternately there could be a slide door (usually hidden by an energizer already standing in the engine room?) and an (invisible) floor track system to bring these energizers into the engine room or move these back to their positions parallel to the cathedral’s battery. Contrary to what you see on the revised draft, the energizers could also be “facing” the battery complex, but I assume the basic idea is clear.

“In-Universe” this would explain why there was an energizer behind Kirk and Mara when they materialized in the engine room in “The Day of the Dove”.
During their fighting either Kirk and Kang accidentally pushed a button or a Klingon did to free up more space during their duel. Minutes later the energizer had mysteriously disappeared!

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