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Bates Motel seemed like it's going 2 suck, & then it didn't.(Spoilers)

Two movie actors.

Vera Farmiga cleverly disguised as a blonde, and Charlie Bucket from the Chocolate Factory movie with Johnny Depp about 4 feet taller than when I last saw him.

I never got the Horror of Psycho, it's just stabbing a girl in a shower, anyone could stab a girl in a shower, even you could. It's easy, naked people are too busy trying to bashfully hide their private parts to worry about some knife repeatedly plunging into their torso creating many huge new worrying holes.

This is why you shouldn't pick on nudists.


The mother's name is Norma.


This kid is doomed.

At first I thought Bates Motel was set in the past. Norman's wardrobe is straight out of Classic Sesame Street, it was 15 minutes into the story when some girl takes an iphone out and the entire genre changes from historical reenactment to Gossip Slasher Girl... But what really grabbed my attention was the rape scene.


As brutal as that was, I couldn't help but laugh at the use of a Flat Iron weeks after Monopoly decommissioned the Flat Iron in favour of a Kitten. It's like in the middle of a woman being abused that the producer decided to make a social comment on the current state of Monopoly that today in the modern world how Flat Irons are still relevant if you are being raped and perhaps maybe in other situations too.

That's cold?

But the Bates family made Dexter look like an impossible savant genius, watching these two lumber through the disposal process of their first corpse. It's like they were almost incompetent. I can only assume they accidentally find themselves in a position where they might as well kill some one each week whereafter Mother and Son get a little better with practice after each murder, but they were hella-calm throughout all... Oh? Which is when I rewound the tape to see again how Norman's father died at the beginning of the episode and if it was really an accident after all?

It's wasn't.

These Bateses are crazy.

Bates spelled backwards is almost Stab.

Just saying.

And then with seconds left before the credits start rolling, we find that someone thinks that "Hostel" is a how to guide because this other psycho in town is keeping young drugged girls chained up in their basement.

Good times ahead.
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