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Re: Yet another "Memory Wall" post

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This is an excellent effort Maab. I truly enjoyed looking through all of those. I've got mixed feelings about the Memory Wall sequence, but I think on some level it could have been better than what we got. I especially like the idea of how it allows some solid bonding between Kirk and Spock (Spock turns back from his self-imposed 'mission' to save Kirk from the cocoon, reminding us of all the times they'd done something similar on landing parties in TOS) which I feel the sickbay scene in the finished movie doesn't quite manage to do. Kirk's attitude during the sickbay scene always came across as unncessarily harsh to me, pressing Spock for answers; while Spock's delighted expression also struck me as being out of character, even if he did find what he saw when he melded with V'ger to be truly mind blowing.
Thanks! I agree with you 100%. Spock going alone inside V’Ger makes the all scene more “cold”, which is one of the problem of the movie. Furthermore, shall we mention the fact that it seems at least unlikely that an unconscious Spock (without the thruster) would travel all the way back, passing through the opening and closing doors (what are they for anyway?) ending up just in Kirk’s arms?
Well, the only way I was able to accept how Spock ends up back at the Enterprise was that V'Ger tossed him back.

V'Ger doing that indicates yet another weakness in the story, not really just because he sends Spock back, if that's what happened, but because we never get a direct sense of why V'Ger would do that. The implication would be that V'Ger got something from Spock, as similarly Spock got something from V'Ger. Spock realized that purging his emotions was not the right path for him; I can only deduce that V'Ger must have perceived that Spock was more than simply a carbon unit, and that returning Spock to the ship must have somehow been essential to finding the Creator. Unfortunately, none of that dealt with explicitly in the film, and the fact that Kirk must use his argue-with-the-machine superpowers, to bargain a way deeper inside V'Ger, while the threat of digitizing Earth looms, all supports the idea that V'Ger made no connection with Spock at all. Maybe it was only an infinitesimal connection?

Since looking at this thread, I began daydreaming what it would have looked like, if, instead of Spock going through the orifice alone as in TMP, what if Kirk and Spock and gone through together? Yeah, there would be details to iron out, like not burning up all their combined fuel initially, but going through together could have demonstrated them bonding. So, basically, Kirk follows Spock out, but he gets to Spock before Spock has fired off his thruster pack. Then, they go in together; Kirk can even make a little joke before they go that he hopes Spock times the opening and closing of the orifice correctly. Once inside, instead of Spock talking into his log recorder, he and Kirk discuss what they are seeing together. So, after the mind meld, Kirk brings them back with the remaining fuel.

I really agree that them going into V'Ger together and escaping together would have vastly, vastly improved the scene in sickbay where they hold hands. Plus, the sickbay scene could've been sped up, too, I think.
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