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Re: The AGT Dreadnought Enterprise

I definitely think a true Galaxy-class refit won't look anything like that, but probably just a sleeker version of the original.
How do you make a refit sleeker? By applying a gigantic cheese-grate? In reality, if you could afford to do something like that, you would much rather spend the money on an all-new ship. "Refitting" is all about gluing on new bits, or blowtorching old ones away; if hull form gets changed today, it's by the above methods (bulges on the sides of a ship for stability or torpedo protection, more steel on the bow for better wave-piercing, or perhaps cutting off of the stern into a short transom to save weight or adjust center of gravity or buoyancy).

Which is why it's easy to believe in the adding of a third nacelle or other trivialities to the E-D, but very hard to believe in the subtle hull change in the E-E between the last few movies! The former process might be gradual upgrading to keep up with the Jones class, but the latter smells of massive repairs after catastrophic damage to the secondary hull...

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