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Re: Episode of the Week: 2x07 "Unnatural Selection"

An episode with great bookends, the opening with the discovery of the ship and the ending with its destruction are both nice and atmospheric and very well done (even if Picard's final log feels like it was left from an earlier draft and makes it sound like the Starship crew were lost as part of an intended experiment rather than a freak accident... maybe that's how Starfleet are spinning it?).

The stuff in-between though is a bit dull and obvious and very much not helped by the fact we're not really given much reason to care about the science station personnel or "Children". Even Picard doesn't seem that bothered, very quickly deciding Pulalski is their main and only priority.

Having the transporter being formally established as that powerful was a mistake as well, if it can rework your body to that extent there's really not a single space illness or Braga created freak genetic mutation across all the 24th century series that couldn't have been fixed in exactly the same way.

It oddly feels like a second intro episode for the new Doctor as well, as if the writers had realised she hadn't gone down too well and were therefore keen to try and represent her to the audience.
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