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Re: Levar Burton aka Geordi La Forge criticizes Star Trek 2009

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Personally, I don't like Jim Kirk in the movies, dating back to the first one. This is a guy who went with his gut, but he didn't outright defy people in advancing in rank to become the youngest Captain in Starfleet history. It isn't until he's sitting in prison in TUC that he decides "Hey, I don't get to do whatever the hell I want. I'm not right all the time."
How do you know this? When were we ever shown Kirk at 25, this early in his career?
Never really. At best we've heard what others thought of him prior to assuming command of the Enterprise. Mitchell said he was a stack of books with legs. Carol described him as "never a Boy Scout". Both might be true or perhaps the truth is somewhere in between.

As a Captain, Kirk often came into conflict with his superiors and he did defy them when he felt it necessary. I doubt this was trait that developed after he gained command of the Enterprise.
He had a friend in every port. That's not just charisma. It would be impossible for him to have this attitude and gain command in the prime universe. Without saving Earth, he probably ends up suspended for the Kobiashi Maru in NuTrek. Unless Starfleet is as reckless as he is, I don't see him just doing what he wants. In the series, he debated whether or not to do something against the rules. In the movies, no debate. He just does what he wants. He gets the Enterprise in TMP, he takes the Enterprise in III, he goes to see God in TFF, and he scolds Spock for asking him to be apart of the peace mission--brooding, drinking Romulan Ale, snipping at Spock (I hope you're happy), and telling his personal log he can't get past the death of his son.

This is a case of arrogance that would've gotten him snapped back. His reputation is the only way he could get away with it in the movies. He doesn't have that reputation in TOS.
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