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Re: A little help, please

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Oh and Timewalker you should really really really watch Enterprise. It is not bad at all! The first season is a bit slow but the series as a whole is full of greatness. The third season is one long story arc and the fourth season is full of double and triple eps that contain some of the best Trek there is in my super humble opinion.
Why should I watch a show that should never have existed in the first place? I have as much respect for Enterprise as I do for Abramsverse Trek, which is basically none. Except for Porthos, because he's cute.

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I had a friends father telling me (a couple months ago) that Jesus Christ Super Star in his opinion, not that he's actually seen it, was still one of the most virulent continuing attacks on Christianity today.

Old people.

I used to work backstage in the local theatre, and we did two productions of Jesus Christ Superstar - in 1981 and in 2000. The first time around, it was absolutely magical! I remember what a great mood everybody was in, how much fun everything was, and the camaraderie between cast and crews was amazing. I recall not understanding the references in a couple of songs, so I actually read my New Testament to see what they were talking about (didn't help).

The second time... well, a generation later wasn't so magical. Different people, different sensibilities, not so much camaraderie or good feelings. Plus, I was chronically ill and unable to do much physically, so I was mainly a consultant. I remember getting a distressed phone call from one of the costume crew, asking how to make a loincloth... I asked which style (there were several basic styles back in those days), and told them to have the actor strip to his underwear, climb on a stool, and let them wrap the material around him and pin it where it needed sewing - not too tight, and not too loose - so it wouldn't fall off onstage. The actor playing Jesus was an old hand at this sort of thing, not too modest, and had played an apostle in the first production 20 years earlier. It all worked out.
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