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Re: Movies Seen In 2013

33. Exotica (B+)

There was a period in the mid 1990s when Atom Egoyan was the prince of the Canadian cinema scene; the 21st century hasn't been especially kind. Maybe the missing ingredient is Bruce Greenwood, who headlined both this and The Sweet Hereafter (both times playing a grieving father whose wife and kid/s are dead), but has been essentially absent from this oeuvre ever since -- Egoyan should hope that's the case, anyway, since Greenwood is set to appear in both of his next films. If the missing ingredient is Sarah Polley (who likewise appeared in both), then the drought isn't going to end soon.

I don't think this is on the same level as The Sweet Hereafter (probably the best Canadian film ever made) -- the intentionally mysterious connections between the characters keep the audience wondering a bit, but the moments of catharsis where everything is revealed don't (for me, anyway) have the power they're meant to, though they are reasonably effective. Greenwood's great, and the rest of the cast acquit themselves well.

34. Peter Pan (B)

Another classic piece of valuable Disney intellectual property.

Speaking of which, rewatching this for the first time in years reminds that Tinkerbell, who's become essentially an alternate mascot for Disney Company, is a complete sociopath in the original movie. The film itself is pleasant, and beautifully animated, but it lacks the weight of Disney's best material.

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