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Re: "A Few weeks latter they found a cure, a god damned cure!"Contrive

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Weeks from a cure? He didn't hear about the research, and save his father?
Hear about the research? Wouldn't McCoy have been participating in the research, if not leading it himself?
For all we know, young McCoy was offically a "doctor" but still a resident. How many med students do you know who do hospital rounds and also conduct research on a life-threatening disease -- let alone lead such efforts? Good lord, they get little enough sleep as it is.
It's still likely that he would have heard something in the grapevine, especially considering that he had a close family member suffering the disease.

And anyway, if he was that young, he wouldn't have been his father's doctor. So I think it likely that whatever doctor was treating McCoy Sr would have been aware of what was going on.
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