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Re: Does It Get Better???

Renaissance Man: Okay, it is really, REALLY difficult for be to overlook the Doctor's continuing violations of Janeway's orders in this episode. About every action he takes is a mistake. The fact that he isn't seriously, SERIOUSLY reprimanded in the end is absurd and really pushes the legitimacy of the command structure. When an officer can get away with as much as the Doctor can, what does that say about the authority of the Captain? Either she has no real power......or she just picks favorites. If Paris had done everything that the Doctor did, Janeway would have without a doubt have thrown him in the brig.
Redeeming qualities?.......well, the fast pace is nice. The visuals are great and there's plenty of excitement from start to finish. I didn't mind seeing the hierarchy aliens again, even if they're some of the most ridiculous looking bad guys.......also, the Doctor's confessions at the end earn this episode an extra point....
6/10, and that's a generous score.

The final review will be up tomorrow after I've digested Endgame some more. I'll say this for now, it's NOWHERE near as bad as some folks tried to lead me to believe it was.
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