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Re: 80's albums that hold up on any level

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I believe in the US they are only known for "Come On Eileen".
Ah! Well, yes, that was a big hit here too, but it's not their best song by a long chalk. In fact, if I never heard it again, I wouldn't feel I'd lost anything. Not with the richness of the rest of their catalogue.
What I always found funny about the VH1 Classic program "One Hit Wonders" was the American-centric tilt of it.

A lot of groups we consider one-hit wonders had great careers elsewhere.

Falco had a #1 hit here in the U.S. with Rock Me Amadeus and a minor hit with Vienna Calling, but surprisingly not with Der Kommissar. Yet he had many, many songs chart in other countries, mostly European.
It's not that surprising given that "One Hit Wonders" is a U.S. show on a U.S. cable network that deals with how well various songs did in the U.S. Other countries likely have many otherwise successful American acts regarded as one-hit wonders on their charts.
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