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Re: StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm

Finished the game on Brutal. First of all.. Brutal difficulty was ridiculously easy. I remember struggling some in Wings of Liberty... I don't know if I just got better... or if the game got way easier... I'm leaning towards the latter. I found myself collecting the mission specific "Normal" achievements on Brutal without even slowing down. This was a total cakewalk.

I hate the focus on Kerrigan as a hero unit... complete with her own upgrade path. Ugh. Really didn't serve the gameplay at all. Sure, WoL had some heroes, and the obligatory hero only units... but you'd actually manage your army. All you have to do in this game is press F2, attack move, and spam abilities. I never really even felt the need to build base defense or anything. A far cry from the bunkers and heroic SCVs who fixed them in WoL. Who needs defense when you can conjure up six banelings out of thin air and oh when they explode they can also heal you...

The Evolution Missions were just kind of silly. I get why they're there, so you can try before you buy... but the execution fell flat.

Almost 3 years to crank out this expansion pack? Sorry, but that's a joke.
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