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Re: The Netflix Thread

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We use Netflix quite a bit, especially the kids. We have streaming and 1 DVD at a time.

I use it with my laptop when I'm on the road. Currently, I'm watching It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia from the beginning.

As has already been mentioned, I hope they get better streaming choices. I would pay more for that. I am anxiously awaiting Arrested Development!

Still, I watch an appalling amount of network TV and cable channels. I also watch more football than is healthy for a person. You can have my DirecTV remote when you pry it out of my cold, dead hands.

We have Netflix and DirecTV, too. DirecTV has an obscene number of movie channels. We've got the package that gave us all of the movie channels for 3 months absolutely free. At the end of the trial, I'll probably just stick with HBO, but for right now, I have about 2,000 movies that I can watch any time I want. It's insane.
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