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Re: NBC Sucks! AKA NBC Primetime lowest watched week ever!

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Other than CBS, broadcast has the dilemma of having to compete with subscription-based niche programming without the subscription revenues. Smash is just the latest victim of that split. It was originally envisioned for Showtime and might have been a lot better there, or at any rate, 4M viewers would have been enough to keep it going, and nobody would worry about the demo.
Yeah, Smash is definitely a niche show that would have been much better on pay or broadcast cable. Had it been geared toward kids, it might have been a hit a la Glee, but geared toward adults, it just isn't able to hold enough of that audience's attention.

The show this season has been much improved too. They dropped all of the angsty private life crap and the musical presentations i.e, song choice and placement, and performance have been great as opposed to what was seen last season.

But glad to hear that they plan on etting them finish it out.
I think it's a mixed bag this season. Some of the smaller parts have been un-watchable. Jennifer Hudson's "Momager" role, lines like "Booze. Weed. Coke" just to show you how cheesy they have written the bad boy on this show. The point has been made that these characters never got a proper introduction and so the audience has no connection to them.

Some things have seemed unreal. For instance, the moments leading up to "Just keep moving the line," are cringe-worthy. No way do they crash the party, get on stage, and no one gets to them until it's too late. The "steamy" scene with JFK and Marilyn was one of the worst numbers they have ever done and everyone on the show loved it. We had nothing from Julia's new book for the audience to be invested in whether they wanted the "smart, sophisticated, artistic" version of Bombshell, or what we saw last season. In a lot of ways, Smash has become like every other TV show in that they don't bring much of the flavor of Broadway anymore. There are lines like "We can't have mirrors on stage, it will blind the audience," which is good. But the situations seem like someone writing for an audience that is supposed to be stupid enough to believe all this is realistic.

They made Tom spineless and then gave him nothing to do for 2-3 episodes (Julia has a new writing partner, all he does is fight with Derek, of course, Tom backs down). With exception of the last two episodes, they have done NOTHING with Jeremy Jordan you don't get in an after-school special.

Not all has been bad. I thought Jennifer Hudson has done a great job with that role and I always want to see more of her. Derek has been in rare form, as has Megan Hilty, who has gone from suicidal and humble, almost quitting, to telling the star of "Liaisons" where he can get off. She's made it seem believable and they have given her a lot to do without her being so over-the-top as she was last year. Still, I think it's too late for a lot of the fans to like the character.

I miss Dev. Some of the best moments of season one involved exploring how this "soon-to-be" star would handle her life changing, and how it cost her fiance because both of them are very driven and going in different directions. I wish they didn't have a soapy end to the relationship, though. It was a nice counter-weight to the relationship between Derek and Ivy as well, to show you how different these two people are, yet they both embody parts of Marilyn Monroe.

I know about Showtime having Smash and when the Studio hired whoever is President of NBC right now, he brought the property with him from Showtime. If it was geared towards kids, I wouldn't watch it. As a matter of fact, it's actually those making over 100,000 dollars a year that are watching Smash.
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