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Re: your favourite moment of all time?

How about the scene where Odo washes up onshore in Broken Link? Beautifully acted. I'm only sad they didn't use a take Rene Auberjonois mentioned where Odo sheds a tear. The whole thing is just done so well and tasteful. Odo is laying there, feeling his own chest and the look on his face, the wonder and fear. He's never felt a heartbeat before, or felt the "need" to breathe air. He has ribs and muscles. He's feeling things he never felt before. His body is a stranger.

Then Odo did this.

What makes this moment stand out to me is Odo reaching towards the female Changeling. Unlike Michelangelo's art, she doesn't respond. She stands there, looking down at him as a representative of the judge and jury, and that's how we know Odo has truly been cast out of paradise.
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