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Re: Oz the Great and Powerful - Grading & Discussion

Dorothy kills Evandora and Glinda turns up 3 and a half seconds later to tell her "good job! Now go see the wizard who I know is a sham to make your magic wishes he does not have the power to grant."

What a cow!

What the hell was Glinda doing lurking on Evandora's periphery?

Was she about to put her on hit on the wicked witch of the east, or did she summon the twister and the house and the little girl to fall her old friend?

Glinda has always had the power to free Oz but she pauses from the act because she seems to have no interest in ruling Oz.

If she chose Dorothy and used this little girl as a missile, then she chose Oz too, and probably vetted the both of them before selecting these two as living weapons to fire at her curvy opponents from a safe distance. She didn't "see though" Oz's bullshit, she picked him because of his bullshit as a mischievous little pawn.

She's behind everything.

The army Glinda raised should have been slaughtered and eaten by flying baboons.

Glinda isn't the good witch of the North she's the Smart Witch of the North.

This is what Ming did too.

Keep the boroughs at war constantly infighting over petty contrived grievances so that they never have the singular or unified power strong enough to challenge his thrown.
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