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Re: Movie Caption Contest #233: Down the hatch!

Kirk: And, on a last note, I'd like to report that Starfleet's recent initiative to eliminate primary colors has been successful. On an unrelated note, we are already seeing an increase in moral among the security teams, though unfortunately, it has not increased their mortality rate at all.

Sulu: Let me show you how this is done. First thing, hold the glass up and examine the wine against the light. You're looking for color and clarity. Just, get a sense of it. OK? Uhh, thick? Thin? Watery? Syrupy? OK? Alright. Now, tip it. What you're doing here is checking for color density as it thins out towards the rim. Uhh, that's gonna tell you how old it is, among other things. It's usually more important with reds. OK? Now, stick your nose in it. Don't be shy, really get your nose in there. Mmm... a little citrus... maybe some strawberry...passion fruit...
... and, oh, there's just like the faintest soupçon of like asparagus and just a flutter of a, like a, nutty Edam cheese..

*turns to see Kirk chugging the wine*

That's it, that's the last wine tasting I invite him to!

Spock: For that last time, Commander, no one wants to see "Little Pavel" while we're waiting for Lt. Dax. Now put him away...
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