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Re: Voyager again, for the first time

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Really? Because I just read on Memory Alpha that this episode was conceived first then pushed further back so they could build the character up for the emotional pay off.
The problem with this business is that the truth keeps changing.

I knew that Martha didn't know, which to a point memory alpha supports. It just seems logical that if the production staff knew, then they should have told her sooner rather than later to help with her method, but they didn't trust her as an actress. Jeri kept the delightful Miss Hackett in the dark for at least 2 of her 5 season one appearances, possibly 3 and then outed her secret in the fifth.

I'm not sure if it's better or worse that the Seska character wasn't in the original scripts for Parallax", "Phage", "Emanations" or "Prime Factors" and that her lines if they existed were contributed to walkons or maybe Carey... SHE STOLE ALL OF CAREY'S LINES! THAT BITCH! (Yes Carey and Chakotay used to have sex which is how he was a Maquis spy on Voyager who was never revealed... If Joe was revealed as a Maquis spy, would they make him trade in his pips for a provisional rank badge with the rest of the rebel scum? Y'know if most of the crew was, as Cal Hudson suggested, Maquis sympathizers, it's no wonder they all integrated so quickly and organically.)but her character was added to these probably mostly finished scripts after someone had sold the producers State of Flux. The Producers didn't move things around, what they did was far more intrusive, Jeri Taylor and Michael Biller retroactively edited the space time continuum like wanton gods.

Which is so cool and Trek you would think they should be more proud of it?

Time travel.

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