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Re: Roddenberry's Worst Ideas

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I always took Kirk's comment about "They're still using money" and telling Gillian that they "don't have money in the future" was a reference to not using currency rather than not having a monetary system.
That's STILL the way I look at it.

The Federation uses credits; we've all seen it. But it's all electronic, as it were. No physical currency changes hands. That's it.
Me, too. It's certainly the most sensible way to interpret it, and I feel pretty certain that's the way the filmmakers meant it, as well.

Now...if Roddenberry had been calling the shots for TVH, I wouldn't be nearly so certain of that, but I believe by that time he had been "kicked upstairs" and had basically become the guy whose memos everybody still had to initial, but not necessarily read.
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