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Re: How Far Should TOS-R Have Gone?

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To each his own but I do agree with Maurice. I was watching TOS-R "Where No Man Has Gone Before" yesterday and the stupid motions the ships makes going into the barrier just makes no sense at all. Would they not be on a straight course right into the thing? It is as if they tried to make the new effects "more exciting" by adding useless motions to the ships. The shuttlecraft leaving the hangar bay is another perfect example. In the original you have a conveyor that ferries the shuttlecraft to the end of the fantail and then she lifts off. In the TOS-R version the shuttlecraft jumps up from it's sitting location; totally unrealistic looking and for practical reasons ridiculous. Anyway, I always prefer the look of a model because it has dimension that in most cases (and in particular TOS-R) cannot replicate well enough to be convincing.

I wish they would have spent the remaster effects money on just cleaning-up the existing effects shots.
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