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Re: Are the Borg the perfect enemy?

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More powerful entities tend to have their own, often unfathomable motivations (also they tend to be metaphors) and therefore don't usually have much impact on the UFP/Starfleet at large.
I'm talking about the ones that did, like the Whale Probe or V'Ger, the Pah Wraiths or Trelane. Those beings were a far greater power than the Borg.

Hell, Q is more than any of them and made it clear he could destroy them all if it came to that.

The Borg on the other hand are "the ultimate user" both with technology and assimilation, meaning they WANT to be in our business.
But they still are weaker than any of the other super-entities encountered (and overcome) in the past. The Feds shouldn't have been so scared of them in the first place.

The Daleks were the ultimate enemy to Gallifrey, they wiped each other out...supposedly.

They were revealed to be some ultimate threat 40 or so years after they were first introduced. It was kind of a surprise to DW fans that the Daleks were now treated as such a threat.
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