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Re: Roddenberry's Worst Ideas

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Actually technological breakthroughs of the next 30-40 years will probably render capitalism moot
There's more to money than having enough to live "comfortably." Are the creators and thinkers expected to simply turn over the fruits of their hard labors to those who do nothing and sit around simply because "there is no need" for them to work?

If a race achieved literal perfection ("utopia"), the only options from that point on are stagnation, or declining from perfection. Not everyone agrees on what perfection is. And development to some higher level usually opens doors to new possibilities, thus making "perfection" something that is sought, but never actually attained.

in this current era when biological evolution is over
A common misconception. Geneticists have tracked many minor evolving traits occurring in as little as a few centuries. However, if you mean major changes in phenotype, then yes our technology seems able to outpace nature.

we might decide to tinker with ourselves and make the old fashioned tier formation of the brain which retains many functions we no longer need to something which is more manageable for modern times.
In a perfect world, yes. But remember Khan and his buddies. There is nothing wrong with striving to improve Mankind, but we should be humble about our assumed knowledge and conclusions. (The movie GATTACA addresses this topic with elegance and style. James Hogan's "Giants" novels are another fascinating treatment of a race benevolent "by nature." Their involvement with humanity is a tangled story.)
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