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Re: Are the Borg the perfect enemy?

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I doubt it, they also have the Assimilation thing going on too.

Major difference being that despite this neither the Cybermen nor the Daleks are treated as "Super-dangerous" aliens by the Doctor, just normal villains. With the Borg the show treats them like they're super-dangerous despite us seeing vastly stronger, more deadly beings in TOS and TNG.
More powerful entities tend to have their own, often unfathomable motivations (also they tend to be metaphors) and therefore don't usually have much impact on the UFP/Starfleet at large. The Borg on the other hand are "the ultimate user" both with technology and assimilation, meaning they WANT to be in our business.

The Daleks were the ultimate enemy to Gallifrey, they wiped each other out...supposedly.

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