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Re: Roddenberry's Worst Ideas

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No money.

Mankind having evolved past greed and now working only to better themselves.

No conflict on TNG among the crew because of all this enlightened evolving.

Actually technological breakthroughs of the next 30-40 years will probably render capitalism moot, and something like Gene's ideas about evolving past simple monetary gain may be possible, and many years before he expected it. Within abundance, increased price-performance of easily accessible and widespread technologies would mitigate increased world population, with near unlimited energy, access to resources like water and food (indeed we already produce enough food to feed all, its just badly managed; cheap water purification exists now and should proliferate, eliminating the water scarcity myth, nano-materials in solar panels can eliminate power scarcity in 20 years even without exotic 4th generation fission or fusion).

As for mankind working to only better themselves, well probably not, but however, certain technologies again could either be doom or boon based on how they develop...any kind of brain uploading or shared virtual experience may allow large populations to intermingle, since unfamiliarity breeds fear and hate I'd expect differences to be rendered far less important in such a climate. Other methods might exist as this current era when biological evolution is over, we might decide to tinker with ourselves and make the old fashioned tier formation of the brain which retains many functions we no longer need to something which is more manageable for modern times.

While the outcome (well most of it) is uncertain, it's just as likely these will come to pass as not, leading to a very possible positive vision of the future, just probably not the way Gene expected it.

My opinion? We are likely to make Gene's 24th century mankind look wanting in comparison to what we can really achieve.

"Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities".
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