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star trek into darkness what we know so far (spoilers)

So heres what we know so far. The movie starts out with bones and kirk leading a bunch of humidoid aliens away from the danger of a volcano. Then it shows spock jumping from a shuttle into the volcano to use the super ice cube but the rope brakes and the shuttle is destroyed. Then after kirk and bones swim to the enterprise they find out about spock and violate the prime directive by saving spock. In london noel Clarkes character takes help from cumberbatch to save his daughter who is sick. later after his daughter is cured noel goes on a suicide mission by blowing up a star fleet building. Meanwhile kirk gets in introuble because he broke the prime directive and is demoted to first officer. then while attending a meeting with pike cumberbatch attacks the building there in and kills pike and manages to escape. after the attack kirk attends pikes funeral. Later on in the movie the enterprise is severly damaged and is falling into earths atmosphere while kirk and scotty try to get the engines online while crew members and engineers are falling to there deaths. So did I leave any thing out please comment below.
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