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Robert Englan'ds STAR TREK: YEAR FIVE CGI with original cast voices!

For a while now I've been talking a lot on here about 'Secret of Vulcan Fury', the famous lost videogame of the original crew. It's thought that all the original cast mates, plus Mark Lenard lent their voice to the project.

The two precursors were '25th Anniversary' and 'Judgement Rites', two video games with stories in episodic format - together the two games comprised 15 'episodes', all self-contained original stories set during the Five Year Mission.

Robert England has created his first CGI episode using music from the Original Series, plus vocals from at least one of the games. He says:

Featuring all the Original TOS Casts voices in a new story never before presented in any episode live or animated. Impossible? Press Play! After this I have the Dialog recorded for 23 more stories including a new Harry Mudd and a new Trelane story both w/ the original characters actors voices!
I call this project "STAR TREK TOS: YEAR FIVE" (out of respect for the illustrated series called Star Trek: Season Four).
Obviously we have The Animated Series and two fanfilms completing the Five Year Misson, but how cool is this - an ongoing HD animated series with the original cast. The games are like the forgotten episodes - but ALL SEVEN members are there, plus Majel Barrett as the computer voice.

Because of the source material and animation style it feels like something new.

I can't wait to see this project continue!
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