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Re: ENTERPRISE on Blu-Ray OFFICIAL Discussion Thread

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Guess it did come down to time, as I'd imagine it would have taken much longer to render the VFX behind Daniels in HD than the Valakian City shot.
That's probably it exactly. Demands on a weekly television. I'll admit looking at some of the screencaptures and hearing about FX upscaling, my expectations about an improved experience watching the episodes themselves, have good gone down a notch. But it seems to be as good as it'll ever get. It was state of the art High Definition mastering a decade ago, when most of us weren't able to see it that way I guess. Episodes torrented back in 2004/5, regularly had that "UPN HD simulcast" logo onscreen. Going out in 720i presumably. TNG has the popularity to justify rebuilding everything from scatch, for today's benchmark of 1080p. What's frightening is the sheer amount of CG over modelwork, reliance on it even, during the last decade of Trek and how that'll either need to be similarly upscaled, completely redone or else episodes forever left as they are in SD.
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