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Re: teacake does Stargate: punch it

I just watched Prometheus Unbound as a tie-in to my first-time watch-through of Atlantis, and I actually really like Vala; to me, she seems like a perfect fit for the style of series that SG-1 is (a MacGyver/Knight Rider/Las Vegas-type action adventure serial). She also has really noticeable chemistry with Daniel (Michael Shanks).

BTW, the reason they used her as a major recurring character in S9 is because of Tapping's pregnancy, and she obviously 'sparked' with the writers which is why they made her a regular in S10.

Re: Continuum, it's set early on in Atlantis' 5th season (between Search and Rescue and The Seed), whereas TAoT is set after Unending and before the SGA S3 finale, First Strike).
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