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Re: How Far Should TOS-R Have Gone?

I'm doing a same-screen old episode vs remastered TOS for the very first time. I'm really blown away. I've never done a comparison of TOS on this scale before, I plan on looking at about 10-12 complete episodes this way. First up was The Cage...which has some of the very best clarity changes in HD compared to the washed out original. Love the seamless transition of the opening credits to the interior of the bridge. I only wish they had added some video to the bridge's secondary screens. Second was Ultimate Computer. The new space station is one of my favorite changes of the whole series. Third was Doomsday Machine. Oddly enough the HD transfer seems less pronounced on this episode. Obviously this one was the most FX heavy of TOS's run, and they are also quite obviously awful...this episode is a great example of how FX, staging and composition actually help the episode become better in TOS-R. also admire the proper blues seen on the Enterprise bridge as opposed to he purple hue from the original. Next up Tholian Web!!

...and I thought I wouldn't be watching TOS again for years!!

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