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Re: Kickstartering dormant properties: name your price!

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I'd actually pay a $100 for each blu-ray of the unspecial editions of the original Star Wars trilogy. (maybe not kickstart but if they were guaranteed somehow)
Basically already available.

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Obviously not as good but I've seen a video on youtube where a guy took all the material available and put together a video of what the original [Golden Compass] ending would have been like. Might be worth checking out if you haven't seen it?
Thanks for the ref; I have seen it, I even corresponded with its creator, EnergyUK, several years ago. It's neat, but, as you say, it ain't the real deal. And if I were that little girl, I'd be pissed that my biggest scene to date still hasn't been released in any form.

Speaking of which, I might pay up to $100 or so for a preorder of dvds for an HBO adaptation of The Golden Compass, provided it ran at least three hours. Maybe $150 if Rachel Weisz played Mrs. Coulter.
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