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Re: Was Hartnell first?

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Hartnell's Doctor was established as the Doctor's earliest incarnation as far back as "The Three Doctors" in 1973. "The Brain of Morbius" conflicted with this by presenting what were meant to be earlier incarnations of the Doctor (yes, the fans like to rationalize it by pretending they were Morbius's earlier selves, but that's clearly not what was intended), but other references have reaffirmed that Hartnell came first -- there's the "Mawdryn" reference cited above, there's Hurndall's imitation Hartnell Doctor in "The Five Doctors" saying he's "the original, you might say," and there are several references in the revival series.
Since the faces in The Brain Of Morbius were abiguous they can viewed either way, even though it was the intent of Terrence Dicks from what I understand that the faces were the Doctor's own. However I don't know how much weight that carries since Robert Holmes rewrote the story.
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