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Re: Was Hartnell first?

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the time lords it seems can grant another 12 full regeration which they offered him in the 25th anniversay The five doctors.
That's assuming their offer was legitimate. I don't agree.

And I got the sense that the Master didn't believe them either. The Time Lords were BSing him and he knew it. But he played along anyway.
Possible is suppose, meybe am i just to trusting of the old timelords. lol

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More recently: River Song transferred her all regeneration energy (which costed her her ability to regenerate) into 11 to save his life. So maybe it wasn't just a boost, but gave him her remain lives; which would be about 9 or 10 lives.
Quite right, i missed that one.

Plus if she did have any regens left would she not have done so when she died in Forest of the dead, or even worse did Tennets doctor unintentionally trap a fellow timelord in the virtual world thing before she had time to regen.

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