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Re: Levar Burton aka Geordi La Forge criticizes Star Trek 2009

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Plenty of times in TOS the music turns an otherwise alright scene in to a cheese fest.
Well, cheese is subjective. What I like about TOS is the sort of innocent way that they presented those stories. It had bright colors, highly theatrical performances with a wide dynamic range between high and low, and it was delivered straight with no winking or nudging. Of course, this set it up for parody almost instantly, which is why you got Belushi nailing Shatner even in the mid 70s. But within the continuity of the TOS world, how it's presented, how it's acted, and how it's scored is just what defines the original Trek universe. And it was never quite like that ever again, even when those actors were reassembled for TMP onward.

When you get to TNG, it's very stoic, very bland, and largely dull. Over time I learned to appreciate it, if nothing else, due to its sheer volume of storytelling, but it is a monotonic sort of thing compared to TOS.
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