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Re: Thoughts on "Valiant"?

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Incorrect. Kirk was a third year cadet at the Academy, but presumably had completed a sufficient number of courses for graduation at that time and a subsequent commission in Starfleet (at the rank of Ensign, as commensurate with the graduation of a cadet).
What in the film says he has to graduate at the rank of ensign? Becuase Uhura managed to graduate at Lieutenant.

His stated goal was graduation in three years, which he would have done if it were not for the Narada incident.
If anything the Narada incident would have sped that up since they needed crews for the fleet sent to Vulcan. I just figure Pike ignored the academic suspension thing what with captain's prerogative and all.

This put him on a timetable for promotion to Captain within 4 years of graduation from the Academy. He was promoted directly to Captain directly from Cadet.
Screen still says Lieutenant which makes sense with the whole promoted to first officer thing.

Any display screen text in the film listing Kirk as a Lieutenant is counter to the facts of the film.
Only facts that you assume seems like.
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