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Re: Jadzia Dax Appreciation

I love jadzia and didn't like her replacement as much but yes her death was rubbish.
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Jadzia is probably my favorite female character in all of Trek. All her qualities that were already mentioned above made her a very likable and believable character.

I think she was the best female character on DS9. I know so many people really love Kira, but I just couldn't stand her. My friend told me I was being too harsh on her since she did have to live with the Cardassian occupation, but to me she always came off as whiny and annoying and I couldn't get past that.

That's why I love Jadzia and even though I knew she would die (a friend accidently spoiled it when we were talking about DS9 and I said I really liked Dax and he's like "which one?") but I think everything about her, except that BS death she got was fantastic.
Kira is amazing she is one of if not the best thing about deep space nine.
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