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Re: A parade of spaceships...

Almost there. Here are three views. The top image is of the forward compartment as seen from the inside just inside the central passageway. I've shown the hidden geometry so the shape of the compartment is more evident. The middle image is a glimpse of the interior as seen from outside. The bottom image is the entire ship in x-ray view to show how it all fits together.

I just realized I've forgotten one small thing. In the serials the ship had something of a periscope/telescope to look around outside, which makes some sort of sense since the largest windows are overhead and largely useless. That said I guess at the time they hadn't thought of outboard mounted cameras and viewing screens inside to see what's going on outside.

I must say I rather like that bottom image. What you might not notice is in regards to the windows. I tinted the windows blue from the outside, but from the inside I left them as perfectly clear and untinted transparencies. My thinking is it limits what can be seen from outside (and I think it looks cool) yet you have an unobstructed view outward from inside.
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