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I wasn't a fan of Delilah on The Sing-Off, but it was mostly because of the others in the group, I didn't mind Amy Whitcomb at all. Unfortunately I do see her as kind of generic though. She actually reminds me a lot of Cassadee Pope, the most recent winner.

Speaking of which, I was a bit disappointed with the results last season. I was really pulling for Terry McDermott, and Nicholas David second. They had unique and exciting voices, Cassadee Pope was just sort of...blah. Like there are thousands of girls in high schools across the country that can do the same thing. Whereas what Terry had was truly electrifying.

Anyway, I'll tune in to the new season, but I'm not sure I'll stick it out. I've never been a fan of Shakira, but I didn't like Christina Aguilera much either so I guess that evens out. Also sad to see Cee Lo go. I just really hope that this season the true rock voices can shine.
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