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Re: Smallville Season 11, it"s happening...

Just finished reading 'Effigy' last night, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I really liked the pairing of MM and BM together, and hope that this is just part of the true forming of the JL, as Admiral Young has predicted. If they're bring Kara/Supergirl back, then the next step, I would think, would be to bring Wonder Woman in, as we know that Chloe has apparently already met her during her Season 10 travels.

Back to 'Effigy', I chucked at the reference to 'Lost' when Barbara was still in the bacta-tank. Did you guys catch that?

Anyway, I still have #38 to read yet - is this still part of 'Haunted' or is this the start of the next 'episode'?
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