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Re: Existing sci-fi stories adapted into Star Trek?

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What TNG episode in connection with Laurell K. Hamilton are you referring to?
Sorry, meant to say (as Christopher notes) Anne Rice. Sorry about that.

Christopher wrote: View Post
I have heard that "Sub Rosa" is often compared to Anne Rice's The Witching Hour, but no credit was ever given to Rice (and both works are influenced by The Ghost and Mrs. Muir, so I gather).
Yes, it's not my day today, that's for sure. What I was half-remembering was the claim that "Jeanna F. Gallo" is a pseudonym for Anne Rice by way of avoiding a lawsuit. It seems that this single-credit person has never surfaced elsewhere in a verifiable fashion. [Edit: Three for three, there's just enough Gallo out there on the web even after all these years that I'd say she probably is real and not just a made up name. *Sigh* Maybe everything I write tomorrow will be correct to balance it out. ]

My apologies for the mess. And all for something that wasn't a sci-fi tale to begin with!

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