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Re: A parade of spaceships...

What you see here are the control panel, the seats and the cabin fixtures in place within the framework of the forward compartment.

The large dials on the left are not exactly where they should be simply because the shape of the set onscreen isn't the same as my model. My model follows the exterior shape of the hull while being slightly smaller in diameter (to account for some hull thickness for mechanicals. Also the onscreen set's walls are not as curved as mine. But the positioning of the dials is only slightly off. There are two fixtures missing here, though. One is a what looks to be a clock, but a window is where the clock would have been. In the serials when a window was added to the forward compartment the clock disappeared but then, of course, they had drastically changed the interior set anyway.

The other piece missing is some sort of powered system that was shown sitting right in the middle of the deck where you enter the forward compartment---stupid place to put such a thing given that the first serial interior set was shown as rather cramped to begin with. My version is slightly less tight because I was able to push the walls out some.

Of course, the main reason my interior is not too detailed is because little of it will be seen through the windows of the model anyway. It will be visible mostly if I show cross-sections of the model.

The one last thing I want to try is to see if I can add interior lights to this.
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