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Having read the RPS interview, the expansion sounds very ambitious, particularly ideologies and cultural influence:

If you push that cultural pressure out on them hard enough, and you have a different ideology than they do, then you can actually start to see effects in the game that are sort of similar to the 1989 bringing down of the Berlin wall, maybe Arab Spring sort of thing that we’ve seen more recently, where the people within those AI civilisations will start to become very unhappy about their leadership having adopted an unpopular ideology. And they will actually gain a whole bunch of unhappiness and they can actually choose, wow, we really need to switch and adopt freedom or order, or whatever the ideology that’s putting that cultural pressure on them is.
That seems like it would radically change the endgame, but it would be a bugger to balance, and Firaxis don't have the best track record of having balanced games at release.
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