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Re: The Trek fan film you always wanted to see..?

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My understanding of this is that the guys involved got married and had kids, and decided that was going to be their priority. I do think it could be finished one day, but we are looking at a Yorktown II type timeline.
Yeah - Willi always answers questions but English is not their first language.

I think the fate of the movie lies in the hands of Christoph Hees, the writer/producer/director - who did get married and is concentrating on his new family.

WWe all know that technology with the internet is evolving so fast these days - maybe the pickup will be faster than Yorktown? Christoph might get involved with the online community, and outsiders like Tobias Richter at The Light Works can help?

As long as he kept all the rushes then ONE DAY something can be done with it, Yorktown taught us that and I say the ame about the lost TOS game Secret of Vulcan Fury
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