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Re: Seven Of Nine Was AWESOME!!!

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I love these lines below (as well as the scene about Harry's alleged stink).

EMH/SEVEN: I had no idea that eating was such a... sensual experience! The tastes, the textures, feeling it slide down Seven's esophagus, it's... it's exquisite!
HARRY KIM: They're prison rations! My uniform probably tastes better.

Which begs the question... does the EMH really know what a rose smells like?

I love Seven's ability to go from vulnerability to bitchy, from self sacificingly heroic to surprised wonder in the space of a single ep.

My fav lines are these...

SEVEN: I am Annika Hansen. Human.
QUEEN: I remember Annika. Does she remember us? She wasn't afraid, why are you?
SEVEN: You attacked us. You murdered my family.
QUEEN: We did no such thing. We gave them perfection.
SEVEN: Papa?
QUEEN: Your family's here. You're here. Be one with us again.
JANEWAY [OC]: Seven of Nine, we're searching for you. Try to hang on.
SEVEN: Captain?

I always want to yell at the TV at this point... ake THAT you Queen Bitch. I'll see your one comatose Papa and raise you one VERY ALIVE FOSTER MAMA!
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