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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

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(and one of the few east-Asians on TV in general).
...and he's not used as the bit player "geek" asian friend/sidekick to a white guy stereotype, which has been used in films and sitcoms for several years.

If they're smart, and I'm not convinced they are, they have an opportunity here to build them into a healthy and mature relationship that can become the heart of the group. Then, after another season or two of their fight to maintain their love and happiness through the darkness, this lone bright spot can be snuffed out for the most emotional impact.
That's the kind of gimmick i've grown sick of in modern tv; everything has to be tragedy--if it is not grim, it is not drama. Even in a horror-themed series, there has to be some positive threads/situations, or its nothing but sadism masked as fiction.

The series has provided a number of shock deaths (Lori, T-Dog, Sophia, et al), and while we understand that the heroes face threats both living and zombie, picking off the main cast like clay pigeons is not proving how "real" the producers can be.

Glenn decides Rick is too dangerous to keep around. Cue subplot of season V.
I see that happening anyway, despite Rick having to pick up the slack for Glenn in the bar (S2), mounting his successful rescue, etc. Glenn already believes Rick is half-crazed, so whether anyone dies or not, Glenn may feel he's earned his "manhood" stripes, and even faced up to Merle--all enough to take over.
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