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Re: A little help, please

This was my 40 year old friends 70 year old father.

Very few 70 years olds are still young at heart.

How can you really compare the threat of Jesus Christ Superstar to the rampant child sexual abuse and the catholic churches frantic crusade to cover up all that under-age rape to shine their image? Once priests stop boffing all the alter boys, then you can start censoring and burning Broadway script-books. In fact think of it as a reward for a job well done, we'll let you have JC Superstar to cast the fuck out, if you can track down and castrate all the paedophiles using the Church to hide their hedonistic proclivities for 7 year olds.

But you can't say that to a seventy year old that thinks God is literally real (I can't respect a Christian for being Christian or believe that someone is a Christian unless they can explain to me with a straight face how the Earth is 6 thousand years old... Not that there's anything wrong with being a Protestant, but don't say you believe in the bible when what you actually believe in is fanfiction loosely based on the convenient parts of the Bible.) because it's tacky.

Also, that wasn't me agreeing with Teacake, that was me amending Teacakes instincts to start with Scorpion II because sometimes what drives that woman is as obvious as it is carnal. I'm of the opinion that if you don't watch the whole thing then you're a wussy. In fact if anyone wants to prove that they have big hairy pulsating balls, at least metaphorically, they should watch then re-watch Threshold after every new episode on their next marathon. Yes, even after Threshhold in it's actual place in the episode order. Threshhold after Threshold.
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