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Re: Was moving 'The Next Generation' over to movies a bad decision?

All long-running franchises depend on refreshing and renewal. That's the true success story of James Bond (and Dr Who). NEM takes definite steps towards that in it's script, but is arguably too little too late. If INS had been advertised as "A Generation's Final Journey...", and this had been followed up by Star Trek X establishing a brand new crew for the future... well, how that would have played out is anyone's guess. I do know that as a finale NEM is a disappointment compared to AGT. AGT feels like a true finale, NEM is just disappointingly limp. NEM brings back Guinnan and Wesley Crusher for glorified cameos. I'd like to have seen a 'final' movie of some sort that incorporates them into the plot, ties up the loose ends, and strives to bring in a fresh set of faces to replaced the tired worn-out ones. Say what some might about the deleted scene from NEM introducing the new XO of the Enterprise, but it's surprising how much it hints at a fresh outlook. A bit more restructuring like that (maybe even replacing Picard?) couldn't have hurt.
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